Common Problems Of Emergency Plumbing

Common Problems Of Emergency Plumbing

Maintaining proper hygiene and protecting ourselves from various diseases is undoubtedly one of the best survival strategies for modern humankind. This is apparent when you wash your hands regularly and keep the area clean where you are residing. This is a very crucial requirement, especially in terms of Covid-19 situations. However, this practice has been followed since time immemorial, when people had the habit of washing their hands before having their food. There are times when your living area could become dirty even after repeated cleanliness. That can be possible due to various reasons like leakage through walls, leaking taps, etc. In short, we are here to discuss plumbing problems that occur several times in every household. Sometimes, we avoid plumbing problems if the situation is not so problematic. However, there are times when the circumstances may get dire, possibly due to such repeated negligence. Hence, there is an immediate need for plumbing. There are numerous emergency plumbing issues, but thankfully there are also specialised emergency plumbing services around Glenhaven. Some common types of emergency plumbing problems experienced by families and offices in Glenhaven have been discussed here.

Flooding Toilet

If the toilet has been jammed or has some problem, you need to shut off the water flow switch immediately. The water valve is located near the ground of the toilet, and you should switch it off completely. Once the water flow has been stopped, it will be much easier to handle the flooding issue. Mostly the problem is with the garbage or any residue that could have jameed the toilet causing the water to overflow. Once the blockade has been eliminated, the toilet can normally function again after turning on the valve. However, in more severe cases of blockage, you may need emergency plumbing services.

Stopped-up Sink Drain

The reasonable way to deter a congested sink drain is to avoid using dumping lubricant, coffee grounds filters, and similar materials that may choke the drain. This problem can be observed even if the homeowner is quite cautious. An auger can simply be used with exercising a little bit of endurance.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are the most adverse emergency plumbing situation where 100 gallons of water can be released in an 8 hour period from a burst pipe. Burst pipes are usually caused by rust over many years. If a pipe does burst, you must instantly turn off the water supply. You should remove any furnishings or other items if possible to reduce additional destruction. There have been several such instances found in Glenhaven.

Leaking Pipes

You must firstly find out the area where the pipe is leaking. If the leaking water is coming from the joint, then initially tighten the joint with a twist. You should be cautious if you are tightening the joints as it may sometimes lose the other one. As rubber patches can address the problem sometimes. Another alternative is using waterproof tape over the leak.

Water Heater Problem

Water heater problems include a leaking tank, where water is either too hot or too cold or water that has a bad smell or odour. and strange noises coming from the water heater. If the water heater is leaking, then you must immediately call emergency plumbing services for assistance. If there is no leakage from the water heater, then you could flush the water tank that may sometimes solve colour and odour problems.

These emergency plumbing problems occur sometimes and can cause hazards for the people residing in the area hence one should make sure that these situations don’t arise in the near future for everyone’s safety.