Tuition Center vs Private Tutor – Which One To Choose?

Tuition Center vs Private Tutor – Which One To Choose?

With growing competition in educational field, now it is not a question anymore that parents should enroll their kids to tuition center or not but the question here is which science and physics tuition center is best for their kids or they choose a private tutor instead. With growing competition, demand of private tutors and centers has also increased. In a research, till now more than 1000 centers has been established in Singapore who are dedicated and committed to help students in their studies.

In a BBC report, they have stated that the revenue generated by tuition centers has boomed in the past few years and till 2022 we are expected it will cross $227 billion. The issue that parents face is they are confuse whether they choose a tuition center or hire a private science tutor.It is a common factor that different learning and teaching styles can benefit different types of students. So whether you choose tutor or tuition center, first we need to look at the cost of each as cost is the main factor for parents.


Teaching cost can vary between both private tutor and tuition center. First we will look at private tutor. A private tutor can cost more because he will come to your home only for your kids and will teach them. In Singapore, teaching costs in hours that means you have to pay per hour rate. The rate depends on teacher, subject, and hours.

On the other hand, a tuition center costs less as there teacher will teach a group of students and he will charge less from all students. The cost of tuition center tutor is around 20-25$ per hour depending on the subject.

Private Tutor Vs Tuition Center

Private Tutor

A private tutor is an individual who came to your home to teach only your kids and not a grow of students. They will come to your home on scheduled time. It is known as the best way of one-to-one communication that is very important if your kids need more attention. It helps your kids to focus only on studies and their concepts will be clear on all topics.


  • More convenient to your schedule that means you can decide any schedule that is best for you and your kids.
  • Less distraction means full focus of your kids on studies. One-to-one communication will enhance confidence.


  • Private tutors lack expertise in all subjects that mean you have to hire different tutors for different subjects.
  • Study environment is hard to maintain in house.

Tuition Centers

On the other hand, tuition centers are institutes that are almost same as schools just less students in students in a class that is not more than 20. They help your kids academically from pre-school to junior level.


  • Tuition center teachers are more professional than private tutors as they are retired school teachers who have many years of teaching experience. Tuition centers hire them after an interview.
  • They help students with planned and structured approach.
  • Tuition centers also encourage group studies that brain storm your kids mind.


  • More tests and homework is given that put pressure on your kids. It is recommended to first check timetable of your kids before enrolling them in a tuition center.