Evening meal at a Movie: How did our critics feel about Din Tai Fung’s ‘Full Moon Feast’ paired with Netflix’s ‘Over the Moon’?

These days, we (Seattle Occasions cafe critic Bethany Jean Clement and arts critic Moira Macdonald) have had to get a little innovative with our very long-managing joint enterprise that is Dinner at a Film — our evenings of BLTs and Caesar salads and Manhattans at the multiplexes have long been on maintain. So we were energized to listen to about the Full Moon Feast: a specific spouse and children meal provided by the Taiwanese restaurant chain Din Tai Fung, supposed to be savored although watching the Netflix motion picture “Around the Moon,” a new animated musical about a present-day Chinese lady who builds a rocket to the moon. Marketed! We ordered our feasts, queued up our Netflix and fortunately dove in. 

THE Food stuff

The Full Moon Feast from Din Tai Fung is a veritable mountain of food, made for a whole family or leftovers for days. From Din Tai Fung, it’s eight dishes, plus two additional samplers of buns; it costs $115 and would probably feed six.  (Bethany Jean Clement / The Seattle Times)
The Total Moon Feast from Din Tai Fung is a veritable mountain of food stuff, manufactured for a full spouse and children or leftovers for times. From Din Tai Fung, it’s 8 dishes, furthermore two more samplers of buns it prices $115 and would most likely feed six. (Bethany Jean Clement / The Seattle Moments)

Moira: The Comprehensive Moon Feast is, in my non-food items-critic opinion, a Good deal, in a wonderful way. It arrived in an enormous tote bag, filled with smaller tote luggage, crammed with different containers of meals and extracurricular pursuits (including a Establish Your Personal Rocket Shooter detail that remaining me chilly more on that later), and I believed it was terrific enjoyment to have so a lot of different dishes to check out. I designed specifically quick operate of the jidori rooster fried noodles, the shrimp fried rice and the very pleasant Kurobuta pork xiao extensive bao, which Bethany discussed had been actually soup within a twisted small dumpling. Soup inside of a dumpling? What magic is this? The very greatest part, while, was feeding on with Bethany, whose FaceTimed deal with was on the iPad parked in entrance of my plate. 

Bethany: Meanwhile, I was consuming straight out of the to-go containers like an animal, with Moira beaming from my phone up coming to my Whole Moon Food items-Mountain. This is 8 dishes — cucumber salad sweet-and-bitter toddler back ribs Kurobuta pork xiao very long bao shrimp and Kurobuta pot stickers jidori hen wontons jidori chicken fried noodles garlic string beans and shrimp fried rice — additionally two samplers of buns (!). It fees $115 and would probably feed six, or you will have leftovers for literal times.

Speaking of items leaving a person cold, some of it travels a great deal, substantially much better than the relaxation. Xiao extensive bao must not ride in a car or truck on the way to your mouth. But Moira had in no way had them — “My head has been blown! The planet is a weird and wonderful spot!” quoth she — and her innocent pleasure jolted me out of meals-snobbishness and let me take pleasure in them far too. Important: Do not imagine of them as soup dumplings the broth inside of has congealed.

The serious fail right here, however: all of the buns in each the Savory Bun Sampler and the Sweet Bun Sampler. So large and gummy, in which the dough need to be puffy and mild … tragic very little leaden things.

The Din Tai Fung “Full Moon Feast” costs $115 comes with enough food for the entire family.  (Courtesy of / Din Tai Fung)
The Din Tai Fung “Full Moon Feast” expenses $115 arrives with ample meals for the entire household. (Courtesy of / Din Tai Fung)

Moira: Regrettably, it has to be reported: Our buns had been sweaty. (A sentence I have under no circumstances typed before.)

Bethany: It is genuine — the buns experienced exuded moisture on their journeys to our respective abodes, creating an particularly unappealing condensation-problem within their to-go containers. 

Moira: The buns — eight unique sorts — ended up also shade-coded with tiny dots, but there was no clarification as to which was which. This dinner requires bun-codebreaking. 

Bethany: My kingdom for a bun-vital! I have under no circumstances typed that ahead of either. Also, what about some moon cakes? None at all in the whole food items-pile, when they must acquire Finest Supporting Actor in “Over the Moon.” 

Moira: Also, my food items-mountain was lacking a dish. Then yet again, it was the dish Bethany appreciated least, so probably I acquired blessed. 

Bethany: Mmmmm, certainly: the chicken wontons, all cold and trapped alongside one another. Moira also dodged a green-bean bullet — adorably, she hates any and all cooked vegetables, and these merited disdain if not hatred, remaining overcooked, below-garlicked and not up to Din Tai Fung expectations.

Moira: There is a limit to what I will do for the citizenry. The beans looked nicely environmentally friendly, I’ll give you that. But I could location the mushiness from across the place. Begone, mushy issues!

Bethany: We both beloved the super-refreshing, a little spicy cucumber salad. There was loads to get pleasure from! And the sheer bounty made the complete experience thrilling — opening box right after box, tasting this and that with each other in excess of FaceTime. But I’d suggest choosing your possess 117 dishes — types that you know you are going to like and that’ll vacation reasonably very well. And skip the Bun Samplers. 

Moira: The bounty also bundled activity kits, which experienced existential “Moon Chat” issues on them to ask through meal (“You can bring only a person product in this area with you on your journey. What would you bring?”). These had been pleasurable! There is a kit with which to make the aforementioned Rocket Shooter, and I am sorry to say that most likely it normally takes the collective brain electric power of a loved ones of four to assemble this issue, simply because I tried out solo and unsuccessful miserably. Stupid Rocket Shooter. 

“The Din Tai Fung “Full Moon Feast” dinner package launched in partnership with Netflix and its launch of the movie “Over the Moon” includes a rocket launcher you can make with your kids.  (Courtesy of / Din Tai Fung)
“The Din Tai Fung “Full Moon Feast” supper bundle launched in partnership with Netflix and its start of the movie “Over the Moon” involves a rocket launcher you can make with your kids. (Courtesy of / Din Tai Fung)

THE Consume

Bethany: I recommended we every get a bottle of bubbly. Suggested! Glowing wine pairs as perfectly with a myriad of dishes as everything will, and we had the most effective time. We both held pouring extra — why the hell not? — and laughing and taking in, for, effectively, a few of several hours. 

Moira: It made me believe of the Right before Time, when Bethany and I utilised to sit in bars right after having horrible foodstuff at a movie theater. Sometime, buddy, we’ll do it all over again. 

Bethany: Yes! And in the meantime, this created for a beautifully lovely substitute. The headache the up coming working day was fully well worth it. And there have been leftovers to assist with that. I cherished it when you advised me about the weird, unpredicted beauties of looking at the Pacific Northwest Ballet remotely.

Moira: We have to just take our pleasure the place we can find it these times. And consuming with you is usually a pleasure! 

Bethany: I also liked when we, tipsy, received about to answering the kiddo queries in the Moon Crafts kit and acquired all sentimental. That is what buddies and bubbly are for. And it is particularly precious, like you say, currently.

Moira (singing): “That is what mates are foooooor … ” (For the history, the only bubbly I have had at this moment of producing is Diet program Coke.)

Bethany: The movie, on the other hand, appeared more geared toward hashish than Champagne. For the developed-ups, I imply!

THE Movie

Bethany: All all those animated kids’ flicks that supposedly also attractiveness to adults? They provide out my internal cynic. I strongly suspected that “Over the Moon” would not be my cup of tea. But it started out pretty sweet, with a place puppy, a bunny lamp and a lot of neat moon mythology. Also, for causes I will not spoil, I discovered myself teary-eyed quite considerably straight away. I do have a heart! So that’s superior! The cuteness continued tolerably for a though. Then it all bought incredibly bizarre and baffling. And the singing design — form of soprano-soaring, which Moira mentioned was like “Wicked,” with which I’m fortunately unfamiliar — got on my nerves.

Moira: I would like that bunny lamp, right now. Household components aside, I have found A lot of motion pictures like “Over the Moon,” in which a kid goes on a journey and learns that there is no area like home, or some thing like that. This just one is firmly in the middle of the pack, in terms of high-quality. The starting is charming, appropriate up to when younger, grieving Fei Fei (voiced by Cathy Ang) builds a rocket and heads off to come across the Moon Goddess (Phillipa Soo, of “Hamilton”). Then … nicely, it’s possible we required a unique kind of edible. The shades of the Moon Goddess’ magical kingdom have been insanely dazzling the images in some cases puzzling (were her multicolored topics . . . gumdrops? Peeps? Cough drops?) the action at times impenetrable. Even though I preferred the large area frogs. But items became pretty again for the ending — I far too have a heart, and bought a little bit weepy — and I think youngsters would take pleasure in the motion and brightness. 

Bethany: The end was good! It’s just the full (lengthy) center in which they’re on the moon that appears variety of like a bad acid vacation — that military of sentient Peeps, a gang of chicken bikers, probably an eel assault, a new glow-in-the-dim character just for the reason that, a rap-battle table tennis match. And the Moon Goddess gets truly mean! 

Moira: The meals in the motion picture was pleasant while! I loved viewing an auntie expertly crack a crab. And we acquired that “the circle of a moon cake is the symbol of a family members coming together.” 

Bethany: I wanted their Moon Pageant feast as substantially as a human being can want to take in cartoon-food! It looked so a great deal much better than sweaty buns.

THE Over-all Expertise

Moira: As Bethany suggests, you may possibly be wise to skip the Entire Moon Feast and just choose and pick out what you like most effective from Din Tai Fung’s menu. But it’s a treat, at any size. I’m enthusiastic to check out the dumplings yet again, but probably in-household.

Bethany: Someday, correct soup dumplings will be ours! I’ll just take you to Mama Dough in Kent — their xiao extensive bao are greater than Din Tai Fung’s. But the latter’s Feast, at minimum, signifies substantial-selection entertaining at a time when our household-cooked dinners are by no means going to have so several unique dishes. I would not recommend “Over the Moon” for developed-ups … but you could park the youngsters in entrance of it (the far too-much-monitor-time ship has formally sailed, appropriate?) and consume bubbly with a good friend more than FaceTime.

Moira: Shall we do it again tonight? Cheers!


Entire Moon Feast from Din Tai Fung available as a result of Oct. 31 at quite a few Seattle-region places like Pacific Place, College Village, Lincoln Square, Southcenter. dintaifungusa.com/us/

“Over the Moon,” streaming on Netflix starting Oct. 23.